Create a birth memory you‘ll treasure, and plan for a smoother recovery with one of Toowoomba’s most experienced postnatal doulas.

Born This Way Caesarean Preparation Session 2.5 hours

This session is for you if:

  • You’re having an elective caesarean

    Maybe you just want one, or maybe you need one for medical reasons. Either way, this is how your birth is happening.

  • You were planning a natural birth

    And for medical reasons you’ve just found out you need a caesarean. You’re short on time and need to know how to make this birth positive and optimal for everyone, pronto.

  • You want a birth - not just a surgery.

    You know that there are ways to make this a more human, gentle experience but you’re not sure how to go about making this happen.

  • You don’t know what to expect

    And you’d like to go a bit deeper than the where to park, and what to pack spiel provided by your hospital.

  • You want to be proactive about your recovery

    And you’re willing to think about this now, and start building your village before you need them.

  • You can’t stop googling "caesarean birth plan"

    You’ve thought about how you’d like your birth to be a lot, but you’re not quite sure if what you’d like is do-able at your hospital, or relevant to your unique circumstances.

Your Born This Way Session Includes:

  • 2 hour private consultation + email follow up
  • Birth Preferences Template, How-To-Guide + email feedback on your birth plan
  • Birth Bag Essentials - hospital bag checklist for a caesarean birth
  • Recovery Tips + Resources
  • "Get Babied" Postnatal + Recovery Plan