(or why I do what I do!)

I’m Christina. Since 2007, I’ve been helping Brisbane and Toowoomba women just like you to do birth differently.

As dawn broke one November day in 2004 my first baby, a beautiful dark-haired girl cherub, was born.  At eighteen hours labour was hard work, but I’d never really expected it to be quick.  In fact, it all went so well and my early days as a mother were so lovely, that I just couldn’t wait to do it all over again. In early 2006, I found myself pregnant again.

After sailing through with minimal (okay…so, zero) preparation the first time around, I ignored that little voice that kept whispering that I’d just been lucky.  I had this birthing thing DOW-N!  And I was far too complacent about pretty much everything.

One thing led to another and after labour with an unplanned detour to the operating theatre, my boy-child landed earthside – feisty, healthy and screaming like a rock star. I fell madly in love with my baby but I felt sore, confused, and sad. The warm, fuzzy glow that enveloped me for months after my first birth was hard to find, and recovery was hell – not to put too fine a point on it. That’s not everyone’s experience after a caesarean, but it was mine.  I wasn’t a happy camper. In fact, none of us were very happy for a while.

Over time and many months processing what happened it dawned on me that rather than protecting me, my go with the flow approach had left me more vulnerable than I could have imagined. I knew instinctively going in that I couldn’t control my births – but in surrendering to that, I somehow ended up surrendering everything.

Finally, my second birth made sense to me and the pull I’d felt towards swollen bellies since I was a child shoving pink goop into my Baby Alive doll began to crystallise into a true calling.  A bit hippy?  Yeah, I know.

In 2007, I trained and certified as a doula and began helping women help themselves to a better birth experience in public and private hospitals.  For almost ten years I worked with families in Brisbane, before moving back to my “hometown” of Toowoomba.

When I’m not sneaking out of my house at 3am because it’s time to come…now!  Or holding a hospital shower head in the dark, what else gets me going?  Tell-it-like-it-is honesty. Game of Thrones. Those fluffy yum cha pork buns. Loud guitars and swear words.  Musty old forests. Musty old books. Oh, and I also have a huge lady crush on Dave Grohl. Shhhh.

If you keep hearing that the only way to have a good birth is to have a home birth (and you don’t want one!); and you’re willing to get really honest, and let this process of becoming parents challenge and change you…