Over ten years as a doula I have worked with numerous families, in both public and private hospital settings.  If you’re looking for a Toowoomba doula, grab a cuppa and read stories of birth journeys I’ve shared.

Thank you for your help delivering Georgiana on the 18th August. Your pre-birth preparation was very helpful, and your knowledge and experience was very valuable. Having obstetrician care only, I needed your type of care because of not having a midwife to look after us through pregnancy. I am so grateful that you were there for our birth, my husband really found it very helpful for him, too! So thanks again from both of us.

I could not have had my perfect, healing birth without Christina. Her physical support and emotional reassurance were strong, coming from a place of experience and professionalism, yet unobtrusive and minimalist in the best of ways. My partner found her presence grounding; she was able to guide him in how best to support me through the challenges of labor. Tina gave me the confidence and respect to birth from a place of calm strength.

By the time the contractions started I was already feeling so prepared and so positive – and I really believed I was strong enough to birth my baby naturally (which I didn’t at the start). Christina helped me through contractions in a gentle and encouraging way when I needed to be refocused or reassured. She helped us to liaise with hospital staff, and suggested ways to keep labour moving along when it was slowing down. She was there when I cried happy tears because I had made it to 10cm, and she and my husband held my hands while I pushed that 10 pound baby out! I’m so thankful that with Christina’s help we had an excellent birth experience. We can’t recommend her enough.”

When we first considered a doula I had no hesitations at all, though Jay was a bit concerned that she might take away from his role in the birth. Christina recommended the bath when I was beginning to find my contractions hard to manage, which made a world of difference! She helped me control my breathing and Jay found her continuous reassurance that everything was normal very comforting. Christina helped us both to remain calm throughout our natural birth, and we feel overjoyed and blessed to have walked our birth journey together with her. We would absolutely recommend her! A big thank you, and see you at the next birth!”

After we heard about the doula concept, we weren’t sure if we were being excessive or self indulgent in employing a doula.  The cost was also a factor, as we didnt know if we really needed a doula’s services and how it would differ from the services of our obstetrician or midwives in hospital (first time for us, so we didn’t know how any of it worked really – even more reason to have a doula onboard!). However after speaking with Christina we really understood how a doula would complement our care provider arrangement and after making the decision to book, we didn’t look back. I can’t imagine not having Christina’s support throughout the pregnancy and birth.

From the first conversation I had with Christina, she got me thinking more about what we wanted from the birth experience.  Christina’s sessions and follow up emails with fantastic links and resources helped us to plan for the natural birth we wanted.  She gave me so much encouragement, and her constant positivity reinforced that we really could do this. When we found out that our baby was breech at nearly 39 weeks,  I called Christina that same afternoon and she was there for us like I hadn’t imagined. I was completely overwhelmed with the news, and we had alot of big decisions to make.  I didn’t realise until after I got off the phone that we were talking for over an hour!  Time which wasn’t planned for, and her flexibility and professionalism were very much appreciated. She helped make sense of all our options and gave us a really good understanding of how to proceed with finding the information we needed.  From that chat we had a plan for the next two weeks. We tried everything to turn our baby, from acupuncture to the medical ECV and everything in between.  As we approached our due date with baby still breech, a caesarean birth was looking more likely. We were still interested in exploring the option of a natural breech birth, so Christina provided us with resources which helped us to make the best use of our obstetrician appointments. In the end we decided on a planned caesarean for our due date, and she was so supportive. She helped us with a caesarean birth plan – to our surprise there were still more decisions to be made!  She helped us breastfeed and do skin-to-skin in recovery, and came up the postnatal ward to continue helping us to establish breastfeeding.  W e were so thankful she was there for us! Christina offered help like a family member, friend and professional all rolled into one.  Having her onboard was the best decision we made early on in the pregnancy, as her care and knowledgeable professionalism throughout helped us every step of the way.   I wish you every success Christina;  you have a refreshing way of delivering such important information to new parents like us!  I will look back on our pregnancy with fond memories as I felt very supported.

We decided to find a doula to support us through pregnancy and labour because both of our families live in the UK. It gave my mum reassurance to know someone would be looking after us in her absence. When we met Christina, we felt she was the perfect mix of professional and friendly – someone I felt at ease with, and could imagine seeing me at my most vulnerable. We attended antenatal classes at the hospital, but came away frightened of what might happen during labour and feeling quite upset at times. Then we had our home sessions with Christina and learned about what natural labour could be like – what our options were, what was important to us and what would be practical under each circumstance. By the time I reached my due date, I felt confident because I was prepared both mentally and physically.

I ended up being 6 days overdue, and during this time Christina was helping me through with advice and support. The day I went into labour, Christina was not only a great support for me, but also for my husband and she was by our sides for the duration. Leo was born at 9lbs (4kg) after a 14 hour labour with no pain relief. I had my waters broken at 9cm dilated, and he was eventually born via vacuum extraction after we discovered he was in a posterior position and not moving down the birth canal. My obstetrician said afterwards he thought that I would never have pushed him out by myself, and everyone was amazed I didn’t end up having a c-section. I have Christina to thank for that. Because of her, I was able to focus on my breathing during contractions and feel relaxed, despite being in the hospital environment.

Since becoming a mother I’ve heard many other mothers complain about different aspects of their labour and birth – that it didn’t go to plan, that it wasn’t what they expected, or that they feel disappointed and have questions about the way things turned out. I can honestly say that my experience was extremely positive, not because it was ‘perfect’ or went exactly to my birth plan, but because we were able to make decisions that were appropriate at the time and we were confident they were the right choices to make. Needless to say, I highly recommend Christina and will never forget her involvement in baby Leo’s birth.

The birth of your child is the start of a life long journey with an amazing little human, but it’s also an incredibly stressful process – and the environment in which the adventure begins will need some planning. Hospitals are full of wonderful people but they’re also workplaces – and you’ll become very aware of this when one of the biggest moments of your life is happening there!

Leading up to the natural birth of our gorgeous little boy, we attended pre-natal classes (hospital and Yoga Active Birthing), googled everything, and read as many books as we could get hold of. So when my sister in-law advised us a doula was invaluable for the birth of their second child, I honestly thought “Why? We know heaps now, we’ve got this”. Fortunately, as I work away on a FIFO roster and my lovely wife actually runs the show, we contacted Christina. My initial perspective was “At least now, if I can’t get home in time someone will be there to do all the stuff I would do.” Thank God Christina is SO much more than that!!.

During the initial consultations with Christina it dawned on me that there is no book for this. Birthing is like travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language and all the books you can find are about some one else’s trip somewhere else (interesting but not necessarily relevant!). Christina was our guide to a place none of us had been before, but at least she had been to a hundred other very similar places and knew how to keep us focused on how we wanted our journey to go.

The birth of Milton was the greatest moment we have ever experienced. At the time it was too intense to fully appreciate the impact of Christina’s presence but on reflection, it’s clear to my wife and I how little all the preparation can mean on the day, and how cold and empty a birthing suite could be without calming, knowledgable and experienced support.

Christina will be the best tour guide you could have to start what will be one of the biggest journeys of your life, more valuable than you could ever imagine.

Sean and I had a beautiful natural drug-free birth at Caboolture Hospital on the 31st of May, 2012. Our relationship with Christina however started much earlier than that.

We decided to engage a doula due to my anxiety issues related to pregnancy and birth. I doubted my ability to give birth naturally, let alone without pain relief. I had thought initially that a planned caesarean birth would be a good option for me. From our first meeting with Christina, we knew we wanted her present at our birth. Her general calmness and wealth of knowledge relating to child birth helped us – especially me – to slowly over come our fears.  Christina conducted very informative antenatal sessions in our home which we found fantastic, and less scary than the hospital run versions. She was always readily available via phone or email and happy to answer the numerous questions I had for her. When it came to the day of Hamish’s birth, I felt calm and in capable hands. This enabled me to stay at home for as long as possible in order to prevent our birth being handled in a manner that we didn’t intend. My husband and Christina were a fantastic team during our birth experience. They were my voice and liaised with medical staff when I was unable to.

Christina continued to check in with us after the birth and once we came home from hospital. Being first time parents we appreciated all the advice she had to offer.

We certainly plan to have Christina present again in the future when we decide to have another child, so that they may enter the world in the same positive way that Hamish did.

Postscript! Christina supported Shannon and Sean again at Caboolture hospital in 2014 when they welcomed their second son, Liam.

We decided to get a doula for the birth of our first child for the extra support and reassurance, and in the hope of as natural a birth as is possible in hospital. From the first meeting with Christina she made us feel relaxed and comfortable, and by the time the birth day finally arrived, it felt like we had known her for ages. She promptly answered my numerous emails and texts, provided books and resources and was very encouraging of Nigel’s participation. Christina discussed with us and helped us to put together our birth preferences and to face the birth without fear, knowing that whatever happened we would make our own informed choices.

It’s lucky that we had worked with her to gain this confidence, as our birth didn’t go to plan! Grace was overdue by two weeks and after antenatal complications, I had to be induced. With Christina’s help we negotiated a few hours and tried to get labour going once they broke my water. This was unsuccessful, so I was induced with syntocinon. To make matters worse, Grace turned to the posterior position. I ended up having an epidural after 6 hours and eventually giving birth vaginally. Christina was incredibly supportive throughout this time, and all of our antenatal preparation with her meant that we made the decisions ourselves. Even though this was not what we had planned, we both still felt empowered and that our choices were not taken from us. This became very important in the weeks after, as I processed Grace’s birth. We are so glad that we had Christina onboard ‘Team Moonbeam’, and that we could look back and say we had given it our best and played an active part in the birth of our beautiful daughter.

I had never heard of doulas until a pregnant colleague told me about these “doula people” who support you through labour, saying that she’d never pay for a support person. Clearly she had never had a doula! Having Christina at the birth of our first baby was one of the best decisions we made.
I decided to find a doula after I realised I was starting to fear the whole baby-having process. The numerous negative birth stories I’d been subjected to since I was a girl were beginning to surface, and I was starting to psych myself out. I started researching ways to overcome birth fears, and I subsequently found Glow Doula and the lovely Christina. She really helped me dissolve my ingrained birth fears and to plan how we wanted our baby to arrive.
Throughout my pregnancy Christina was always available by phone or email to answer all my questions and helped us successfully navigate the world of private maternity care. As our due date approached, I felt completely relaxed and confident that everything would be okay – that is, until we were faced with an induction. Christina skilfully calmed me, put the situation in perspective and helped me formulate a plan – all with one phone call. We successfully negotiated our needs with our obstetrician, and just a few days later, labour began spontaneously. During my six and half hour labour without pain relief, Christina reassured and encouraged me, she supported my partner Julian just as much, and together we welcomed our precious little Eliana into the world. I’m so grateful for her presence during this time; she gave me the support I needed just when I needed it most. She knew I could do it, and I trusted her.

After a traumatic first birth we decided that we really needed a doula for our second pregnancy and birth. We met with Christina early in the pregnancy and she was a perfect fit for us. She had an understanding of the challenges we faced planning a VBAC, and was familiar with the hospital we were planning to birth at. We felt very comfortable talking with her about our journey. During my pregnancy Christina provided me with heaps of information on any issues I was having so that I had all the information I needed to make informed choices – and then she supported and encouraged the choice I made. I felt that she really trusted in me and my body, and my ability as a mum.  As the pregnancy went on (and on and on) Christina was a constant source of support and encouragement. During the birth Christina was a beautiful and constant presence. She helped my partner to support me. When things started to get a bit chaotic she was able to help us to remain calm and centred. She helped me to remain focused on my birth plan, but totally supported me when I needed to change the plan. A potentially very traumatic birth was made far more positive simply by having Christina as our doula.

Christina was a fantastic doula. She taught us so much leading up to the birth, helping us to be as prepared as possible. She was honest and informative about what to expect.

Throughout my long labour Christina worked with us to bring our beautiful son into the world safely and naturally. She never left my side at home or in the hospital. Christina provided the positivity, confidence and reassurance that I needed. She was a huge support for my husband and helped him to support me through each stage of labour. She worked wonderfully with him, as a team.

Christina was an excellent advocate in hospital to ensure that our birth plan was respected.  Thank you!

Early on I had decided I wanted a natural birth, so I figured I needed a doula to encourage, support and inspire me.  Christina clearly stated that she believed in my ability to birth naturally…this I needed to hear! It was so comforting to be able to talk to her when I had doubts out the way the hospital would ‘process’ me and know I wasn’t going to be alone. Completely confidence building experience having Christina. (Intervention free birth with second baby).

Knowing I was going to have Christina’s support gave me so much confidence. During the birth she was calm and gave me constant reassurance that, whilst is sounds trite, really does make a difference! Throughout the birth I wasn’t afraid, as I knew that things weren’t out of my hands whilst I had Christina explaining what was happening to me and helping me to feel empowered as I made decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of a doula, and Christina in particular.

Knowing I was going to have Christina’s support gave me so much confidence. During the birth she was calm and gave me constant reassurance that, whilst is sounds trite, really does make a difference! Throughout the birth I wasn’t afraid, as I knew that things weren’t out of my hands whilst I had Christina explaining what was happening to me and helping me to feel empowered as I made decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of a doula, and Christina in particular.

On the 21st of November 2008, Chris and I welcomed our baby daughter Tamara into the world. Christina was by my side every step of the way, and guided us in our decision making. She really was my voice for the whole birth, and looked after my every need – from hot towels to ease my back pain, wiping down my face with cold towels through the night and setting the ambience in the delivery suite with burning oils and playing calming music.  I couldn’t have got through this time without her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone having their first baby. Being a mum herself was also a big bonus for us, and she remained calm and relaxed through the whole event.

Thank you so much for being such a great source of knowledge, wisdom and strength throughout our pregnancy and birth.  Your calm presence and demeanour gave us peace of mind, and it was great working with someone so fun and approachable!  You really helped us achieve our birth goals and we are forever grateful!

Christina was the perfect addition to our birth team. Her unwavering calm was exactly what we needed, and her constant kind energy was always reassuring. We’re so happy with our birth experience and I believe the preparation we did with Christina before the birth played a huge role in our satisfaction!