From your friends, your mum, your sisters, even the TV (theres One Born Every Minute!). Most women believe that giving birth is scary. It’s messy, it’s undignified, it’s dangerous.and worst of all, it hurts.

I’m going to guess that you aren’t most women.

You’re here because something inside you knows that there must be more to giving birth than this.

And you’d be right.

If birth is too important to you to just go with the flow; if you don’t want to just get the drugs, if you want to do more than cross your fingers and hope for the best, then birth preparation that consists of a few generic hospital classes a month or two before your due date probably won’t cut it.

It’s a fact often lost in the haze of early parenthood, but we don’t leave our births at the hospital. Your baby’s birth will become part of your story; like the night you met your partner in that grungy old pub, or the day you married him on that sparkly beach in your bare feet, in front of your nearest and dearest. It will become part of your little one’s story too; something you’ll tell her about a hundred times, and she still won’t get sick of hearing it. The story of this birth will become another thread in your family tapestry.

I believe that you can birth your baby positively and confidently, even if you don’t believe it (yet!).

Even if you’re being induced.
Even if you’re having a planned caesarean.
Even if you think you might want an epidural.
Even if you don’t have a clue yet how you’ll bring this baby into your world, and into your life.
And while its true that you can’t plan birth in the same way as you’d plan your wedding, after many hundreds of hours spent labouring with couples in all kinds of settings and all kinds of ways, I know that you can take concrete, actionable steps towards a better experience. And it all starts long before you ever feel that first contraction.

If you keep hearing that the only way to have a good birth is to have a home birth (and you don‘t want one!), and you’re willing to get really honest and let this process of becoming parents challenge and change you…