Write your baby‘s unique birth story, and begin labour feeling calm and strong with one of Toowoomba’s most experienced birth doulas.

Your Glow Doula Birth Support package includes:

  • "Get Glowing" Pregnancy Sessions

    Get inspired and education as we explore creative and practical ways to prepare your mind and body for birth.  No fairy dust, and 100% judgement free.

  • Birth Planning - Step by Step

    Learn my step by step process to write a realistic birth plan your midwife or OB will be happy to support. You’ll also have exclusive access to my online Birth Bag full of resources, templates and more.

  • 24 Hour on call service + labour support

    The reassurance of 24/7 on call support through early labour at home, and labour and birth at the hospital. Continuous support for two hours after your birth, facilitating skin-to-skin and bonding with both parents.

  • Access to the Glow Library

    Full access to book, DVD’s, printed materials, e-books and PDF’s and electronic resources to make your birth preparation easy.

  • "Get Babied" Postnatal Visits

    Debrief your birth experience and get in person support with breastfeeding, settling and adjustment issues, as well as physical and emotional recovery. Understand baby’s feeding and settling cues. Phone, email and Skype support up to one month after you bring your baby home.

  • Back Up Doula

    The reassurance of an experienced, professional back up doula for labour.

Get Glowing Session Preview


Hospitals, midwives and obstetricians understand the value of a doula to you both are almost always happy for you to have additional support. While the concept is probably new to you, professional doulas have been attending Australian hospitals for about a decade – so it won’t be new to your caregivers. While you don’t need your private obstetrician’s permission to have a doula, in the interests of open communication it’s a good idea to let them know you’ve decided to work with one before labour starts.

To be honest, I fail in the crunch department.  I don’t like quinoa,  I can’t balance chakras and I get a bit twitchy at the idea that “trust” and “empowerment” are all you need to prepare for birth.   Affirmations and positive thinking are comforting and helpful – but they only get you so far in life (and in labour).  At some point you have to face and embrace this process for the big deal that it is, and put some skin in the game.   That’s where the real magic happens.

In both public and private hospitals, huge demands are placed on midwives who often care for multiple women at once.  Along with regular shift changes and breaks, this makes providing the continuous labour support that we know reduces the need for pain medication and other interventions extremely difficult. Our midwives do a wonderful job in a system that’s under significant pressure, but their first priority (quite rightly!) is your medical care.  Many couples are disappointed to find that once admitted to birth suite, non-medical options for pain management and progress are left mostly up to them.  This is one of many reasons women may run out of coping strategies very quickly as labour becomes more intense.

Having a doula at your birth should never undermine your partner’s role. Your partner knows you, he loves you and what he brings to the birth of his child is completely unique. I’m there to complement him… not to compete with him, and will help him remain as involved as he’d like to be through every stage of your labour.   Supporting a birthing woman can be a long, tiring and emotionally taxing experience.   Remembering all those awesome techniques you learned in antenatal classes is a big ask when you’re emotional, out of your comfort zone and have no idea where the finish line is.  Imagine being expected to coach a game that you’ve never seen played, and you’ve never played yourself!  Our expectations of partners in labour can be a bit like that. In a particularly lengthy labour, experienced and attentive support makes the birth easier for you both.

My role isn’t to impose a certain “type” of birth on you – it’s to help you have a positive birth the way YOU define it.  If you’re undecided about pain relief, or just keeping an open mind – I’ll help you explore your options beforehand and be there in labour no matter what you decide.