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Informed Consent – Knowing What You Don’t Know

One of the scariest things about pregnancy the first time around for me (and even the second time!) was owning my choices. “Informed consent” is bandied around the birth world like a mantra. But what does that really MEAN when you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant with your first baby, fairly in the dark about the […]


How To Write A Simple Birth Plan

So you know you need to write a birth plan, right?  If you’re birthing in hospital (or even if you aren’t) writing a birth plan is an important part of birth preparation, and there aren’t many scenarios I can think of where it’s wise to skip it.  Even so, I know that many of you find […]

Did My Water Just Break?

We’ve all seen it – that movie with the pregnant woman minding her own beeswax, perhaps sorting through apples in the fruit aisle, when….plop! She looks at her feet in shock as a mad frenzy ensues to get her to the hospital, because she might just have her baby on the floor of the supermarket, […]

6 Questions To Ask Your Hospital or OB

With many hospitals and private obstetricians requiring you to book pretty much as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed, the temptation is strong to just get into whoever you can and be grateful you got in to anyone at all. After all, caregivers are all pretty much the same, aren’t they? Well actually, no. There […]